Boo-Bunnie Wins Baby Maternity's 2016 Parenting Aid Award

Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy wins Baby Maternity Magazine's 2016 Parenting Aid Award


PIERCETON (May 23rd, 2016) 


Stephan Baby is pleased to announce that the Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy has been award the Top Choice Award for Baby Maternity Magazine's Parenting Aids category. This marks the 5th distinguished award that the Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy has received over the years.  

The Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy has been calming little ones for over 30 years and remains Stephan Baby's top selling product even after all that time. The Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy is a child sized plush bunnie that holds a reusable plastic cube filled with distilled water in its back. Simply keep the Boo-Bunnie® in the freezer or fridge until minor boo-boos occur. Apply the Boo-Bunnie® to the hurt area and Watch Tears Disappear! Each comfort toy is machine washable and safety tested for parent's peace of mind. 

Over the years, the Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy has come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. It has also been reimagined in the shape of other animals like the Boo-Bear, the Boo-Hoo, the Boo-Ewe, the Ouch Mouse and more! 

"Every home should have a Boo-Bunnie® Comfort Toy." says owner Jan Campbell "Don't forget about Grandma's house and daycare centers! It is truly amazing how well this little plush bunnie redirects a child's attention and helps them calm down when accidents happen."

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